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[] garfield001’s Collection Wows

Hi everyone! This is the collection of mods that I’ve created for World of Warships.
What’s special about them? Nothing! I made these for my personal use and decided to share them with the community. Hopefully people will like them and use them too!

Instructions: copy files in the res_mods/0.5.X.X (current version) of your WoWs folder.

Latest version:

Download Version 1
ARP -> Kancolle addon Version 1

Download Version 1.5
ARP -> Kancolle addon Version 1.5

Download Version 2
ARP -> Kancolle addon Version 2

Download Version 2.5
ARP -> Kancolle addon Version 2.5

ARP -> Kancolle addon Download

ARP -> Kancolle addon Download

Version 1.5 and 2.5 are romanized versions.

What is this mod use for

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