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Fog Crosshairs mod

As the name stated, this is a mod (currently it’s just a bunch of png files and not really a mod) which will and mean to replace Type 7 crosshair with ARP crosshairs, yeah, ARP’s ones.

The original content is from the manga and anime references, there’re some variants in this mod:
– Type 1 is a normal crosshair used when Fog vessel want to look and aim at something.
– Type 2 is a special crosshair used when Fog vessel shoot their Super-Gravity Cannon.

There’s 2 color provided (gray-black and white) and two alpha level (solid is 100%, non-solid are 69%-white and 85%-black)

You should have ability to mod flash file to replace the the Type 7 crosshair (23) with these files

Note: Those black crosshairs arent tested yet, comments are welcomed.

What is this mod use for

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