Backwards compatibility for custom_ports.xml (update) mod

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Backwards compatibility for custom_ports.xml (update) mod

With update 0.5.15, the custom_ports.xml file has been deprecated in favor for the Python API “customPorts” module.

Incase you don’t want to forward port your port to the new Python API you can use this.

Extract this in res_mods/
Move the xml file to res_mods/
The filename does not matter as long as it ends in .xml

I added a “display” value to the XML (see the provided XML example for the “Dragons” port) to make use of the new API display variable.

It should work with every version from this point onwards unless they change the Python API customPorts.addCustomPort method.

TL;DR: install mod, move custom_ports.xml to the CustomPortsLoader folder in PnFMods.
Though I’d suggest editing custom_ports.xml to have a “display” attribute otherwise the name will be “Custom Port”

Update 1.1:
The difference between version 1.1 and 1.0 is that 1.1 will load ALL xml files in the mod folder (res_mods/
This way multiple authors can use the loader with multiple XMLs

Update 1.2:
Dropped “peculiarities” and “isPremium” attributes, added “barge” attributes to manipulate the lootbox barge position.
In 0.5.16, the “peculiarities” port attribute was dropped in favor for a port filter, and introduced the barge options. “IsPremium” was also removed for redundancy.
See provided XML for info on how to manipulate the barge.

Update 1.2a:
Moved “barge” attributes to a “barge” tag to tidy code up.

Update 1.3:
Added a key combination (ALT + F10) to reload all custom ports loaded by the mod. NOTE: The script will crash if you try to reload ports while you’re active in one.

What is this mod use for

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