[] AIM ASSIST – Maud point preemption {UPDATED!} mod

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[] AIM ASSIST – Maud point preemption {UPDATED!} mod

Password: 4548F5v

The long-awaited fashion point of anticipation for the World of Warhips appeared freely available on our website. Many gaming forums actively selling this mod, allowing to download it for the money. Portal “warshipsmods.ru” offers fashion to all its visitors for free, only here you can download the mod and test it in the game.

Setting fashion
For installation, you must close the game and unzip the file mode in the game folder. Add to check the settings of the game “to reduce the frequency of updating the interface.”

Installation Instructions
1) Start the game and go to the port
2) Open the program and run

Note, the program may become unstable! To work correctly, the program uses port 80. Turn off all programs that can use this port. If you have problems, please write in the comments – help. Good luck!

1) Disable Firewall
2) Anti-also must be switched off, or add a program exception
3) Turn off Skype, from him may not work.

If the program still does not start, look for any program on your computer is using port 80.

Password: 4548F5v

What is this mod use for

Are you interested in ways to improve and renew your game? No more searching, because you have already found the right place to fulfill your needs. In our website you can find the needed World Of Warships Mod and apply it to your game instantly. Get the latest and personalized World Of Warships version right now! Take a look to our database and pick the right WoWS mod for you. Explore the new adventure and experience challenges! It can be a much more thrilling journey!

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9 Responses

  1. Yali says:

    Do you have a working MOD for 5.3.2?
    MOD for 5.3.1 doesn’t work and I have heard they have released it for 5.3.2.

  2. Marco says:

    the mod is not working for please to update but respects please also pointed that he funkzioniert for the premium account

  3. IkaroszHUN says:

    Hi! PLEASE update 5.3.2 i need pls.

  4. Marco says:

    plese update to

  5. Aurelian Moldoveanu says:

    there is someone who use aim assist on ?! From where ?! please !!!

  6. Judenberg says:

    This is obviously a virus.

  7. teg_f4 says:

    I clicked on ling and pc froze with a warning that i have to call Microsoft to get a virus out with in one hour or my pc will stop working.

  8. george says:

    No update ?

  9. george says:

    No update on ?

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