[] WoWsStatInfo extended statistics Addon

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[] WoWsStatInfo extended statistics Addon

This application shows:
– Player Stats and rating their effectiveness in different color schemes for easy perception.
– Charts level of growth and progress.
– Displays all the information on the composition of the clan
– It is possible to create a userbar with statistics for forums and blogs.

WoWsStatInfo application there for browsers:
Opera, Mozile Firefox, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser.

Setting the application to each of the standard browsers.
WoWsStatInfo find the application in the Internet shop: Opera, Chrome, Yandex Browser, Firefox.
Then click install.
Restart the browser.

The latest version of UserScript WoWsStatInfo from 02.22.2016:
– Improved performance of the script.
– Modified and improved functional diagrams.

Install browser extension:
Mozilla Firefox

What is this mod use for

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